Wasel is an explorer, painter, and design thinker from San Francisco city, California. He has a BA in Architecture Engineering, and currently is enrolled on Design Thinking course at Stanford University taught by his mentor Prof. Barry Katz.


In 2010, Wasel was received by the Director General of the State Art Collections Dresden, Prof. Dirk Syndram, and the State Minister of Chancellery of the Federal State of Saxony, Minister Johannes Beermann, to conduct series of lectures about his oeuvre and explore the Saxon culture. Germany left a positive impact on Wasel's life forever.


From 2008 to 2013, Wasel was thoroughly exploring Singapore and Malaysia through series of anthropological documentations, footages, photographs, and geometrical abstract drawings! He explored their jungle & urban life, his artworks are in the collections of the Portuguese Settlement Museum in Malacca, former Police Officer of Singapore Tee Tua Ba, and other private collectors.


During his show in Expo 2010 Shanghai, China, Wasel had the opportunity to explore the local communities of Shanghai, Beijing, & Changchung. His series of drawings, photographs, and observation has enriched his knowledge in the history of art and culture. During the same year of 2010, Wasel received an invitation from champion athlete Tegla Loroupe to visit her Pokot tribe and explore the Kenyan culture.


The Formula One Grand Prix invited Wasel to paint en plein air one of their glorious F1 Ferrari car which took place in Abu Dhabi in 2009. This opportunity followed by another investor to commission Wasel to paint Chevrolet Impala 1959. Total of $2 million. Wasel's exploration, while in Abu Dhabi, expanded to study the life of the native tribes and their indelible beauty of sand dunes at the Empty Quarter. Wasel speaks their language fluently.


In 2008, Wasel received an invitation from art collector and one of the richest businessmen in Czech Republic, Mr. Jan Světlík, president of Vítkovice Machinery Group. Světlík commissioned Wasel to create six artworks at his factory in Ostrava and later the artworks were displayed in capital Prague.


In 2005, Wasel joined Hopkins Architects, he was enrolled in architects team to made number of models and computer rendering. Shortly Wasel left this job & took a bold risk on becoming a full time artist. Few months later, Wasel had his first solo in Dubai, the show was successful in terms of networking. After the show he was commissioned by AK Interior Design firm to create artworks to a warehouse project worth of $70K, few months after the completion of the project Wasel was selected to display his one oil painting in Art Paris 2007 which was sold for $50K.


Wasel was featured in BBC World and CCTV China. He also conducted a series of lectures in New York University, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Zayed University, and African peace foundation of T. Loroupe. Despite his early success as an artist, Wasel still enjoy exploring the nature and continue creating series of artworks from his home in San Francisco. He is married to Rosa Choi and they both enjoy their companionship with their American Eskimo, Momo!